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Sri Lanka’s Forests – Nature at your Service 

This book presents a panorama of facts, facets and leads for caring, protection, and sustainable management of forests by planners, policy makers, foresters, community-based resources managers, forest users, and the community at large, which may facilitate sharing and reaping the intrinsic benefits of forests by the present and future generations.

LKR 1000/=  (Available at SLAAS Office)

A Guide for Beginners in Research

The assortment of information and skills, provided by experts in their respective disciplines, in made available withing a single book-and at a very affordable price, by courtesy of the National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka.

LKR 500/= 

Seekers & Builders of Our World

The Scientist showcased in this book have been drawn from Sri Lanka and overseas. The book has a particular on early life influences that shaped these extraordinary human beings, and how they overcame their limitations such as poverty, disability, and sometimes a lack of formal education-with hard work, determination and imagination.