SLAAS, "Vidya Mandiraya", 120/10, Wijerama Road, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

Annual SLAAS Awards – 2017

General   Research Committee (GRC) Award is a lifetime achievement award made in recognition of Sri Lankan scientists who have carried out exceptionally high quality/pioneering research in Sri Lanka over a significant period of time and who have produced a considerable number of original publications in peer-reviewed journals with high impact factors and contributed to the field by way of training young scientists.  Applicants must be members of SLAAS. This award is given for the total contribution of a scientist towards the scientific advancement of the field and training of young scientists in that field and is NOT meant for his/her contribution to a single research project. The final award winner will be chosen after evaluating a presentation. Unsuccessful applicants are discouraged from applying for this award for a period of 3 years from the date of the previous application. Applications will be accepted until 15th  August 2017.

Postgraduate Research Awards for recent postgraduate degree holders who have carried out a major part of the research in an institution within Sri Lanka. The award will be based on the applicant’s publications on his/her postgraduate research work. The final award winner will be chosen after evaluating a presentation to panel of judges nominated by the GRC. Applicants must be members of SLAAS who have completed a postgraduate research degree (M. Phil.,Ph.D., etc.) in a Sri Lankan university/institution in the 2 years preceding 30th June 2017. Applications will be accepted until 15th August 2017.

Physical  Science  Awards  are open  for undergraduate students  or recent  graduates who have completed  individual  research  projects  in  the  fields of physics /  mathematics / statistics  as a   partial  requirement  for  a B.Sc. degree from  a  Sri Lankan   university  during the period  1st July   2016  to  30th June 2017. Applications will  be  accepted  until  31st  August  2017.

Computer  Science  Award  is open for undergraduate students or recent graduates who have completed  individual research project  in  the field of computing  as a partial  requirement for an undergraduate  degree in Computing  from  a  Sri  Lankan  university  during  the period  1st  July  2016 to  30th June  2017. Applications will be accepted until 31st August  2017.

Manamperi  (Engineering)  Award  for  the  Best  Undergraduate  Engineering  Project   carried out at a Faculty of Engineering in a Sri Lankan University. The award is open to engineering students who have submitted undergraduate research projects to a Sri Lankan University during the academic year 2016/2017. Applications will be accepted until 31st July 2017.

Science Popularization & Promotion Award for individuals who have contributed best to   popularize and promote Science within Sri Lanka during the period  of 1st May  2016 to 30th April   2017. Science  communicators including journalists, scientists  and others who have excelled in print and  electronic media are invited to apply for these awards. Selections will be made separately for Sinhala, Tamil and English media.  Those who have won this award previously will not be considered again. Applications will be accepted until 16th August 2017.   

Environment Committee Award for following categories

  • Schools (Individual or group projects by students: Grade 8 to Grade 11)
  • Individuals
  • Institutions in the public and private sectors including the Non-Governmental Organizations who have made significant contributions in sustainable management of the environment.

Applications will be accepted until 31st August 2017.